More on His Sexuality

Is RuPaul gay? More on His Sexuality

RuPaul Charles is a cross-dressing drag queen, television personality, actor, musician, and model from the United States. He is best known for hosting ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race,’ a reality competition show, and ‘The RuPaul Show,’ a VH1 show.

He has also appeared in Crooklyn, The Brady Bunch Movie, To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything!, and others. Julie Newmar (1995), But I’m a Cheerleader (1999), Girlboss (2017), Broad City (2017), Grace and Frankie (2019), and his own Netflix original television series AJ and the Queen (2019).

He has also published three books: Lettin’ It All Hang Out (1995), Workin’ It! RuPaul’s Guide to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Style (2010), and GuRu (2018). He has received 12 Primetime Emmy Awards and received a Tony Award for Best Musical as a producer for the musical A Strange Loop.

Is RuPaul gay? What has he done for LQBTQ Community

Yes, RuPaul is gay. RuPaul has been paving the runway and the world for tolerance and education of the LGBTQ+ community, paving the way as the first openly gay national television host on The RuPaul Show on VH1 in 1996.

He has helped 120 drag queens launch their careers, is the first face of M.A.C. Cosmetics, and has raised over $400 million for AIDs epidemic awareness. His mantra is “love yourself,” and his fans range in age, race, gender, and sexual orientation.

RuPaul has created a supportive and growing environment for those on his show, RuPaul’s Drag Race, as well as other outlets for people to connect. He coined the phrase “You’re born naked, and the rest is a drag,” arguing that clothing is a means of expression for all of us, and everything else we put on our bodies is a drag.

His show has become a beloved staple of television, showcasing what contestants create and how drag is an extension of themselves. RuPaul’s show, VH1’s Drag Race, highlights the beauty and art of drag culture, and he has given others a platform to represent their non-conforming and beautiful selves.

He also claims that drag is aiding in the fight against patriarchy and the dangers of rigid definitions of masculinity by allowing people of various races and orientations to fit in. He is a perpetually upbeat figure who shows no signs of relenting in his support for self-expression and love.

RuPaul Partner & Relationships

RuPaul met painter Georges LeBar in 1994 at New York City’s Limelight nightclub, and the couple married in 2017. They have an open marriage and live in Los Angeles and on a 60,000-acre (24,000-ha) ranch in Wyoming.

Environmentalists chastised them in 2020 after RuPaul revealed that they lease mineral rights and sell water to oil companies on their ranch, as well as allowing fracking on their property.

In the 2016 U.S. presidential election, RuPaul publicly supported Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton. Drag is a “very, very political” act for him because it “challenges the status quo” by rejecting fixed identities.

He has not consumed alcohol or drugs since 1999. He discovered in 2020 that he and New Jersey Senator Cory Booker are cousins. RuPaul is not religious, but he practices spiritual practices such as yoga and meditation and prays.

RuPaul FAQ

Ques: Is RuPaul gay?

Ans Yes

Ques: Who is RuPaul’s Partner?

Ans: Georges LeBar

Ques: Where did RuPaul and Georges LeBar meet?

Ans: New York City’s Limelight nightclub

Ques: When did RuPaul marry Georges LeBar?

Ans: 2017

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